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We provide a comprehensive range of linings for our curtains. Lining a curtain can extend its life and enhance the drape.

Sateen & Polycotton

The lining of curtains improves the drape and fullness, as well as increased sound and insulation properties. Curtain linings, by nature of their construction (density), protect the curtain face fabric from colour loss and degradation caused by strong sunlight.


These are used to improve the drape of the curtains and provide a more luxurious appearance. They also increase the prominence of pinch and pencil pleat headings. The density of the interlining increases the thermal and sound insulation properties.

Coated Linings

Performance fabrics that increase the thermal properties of the curtains, thus conserving energy and heating costs. The major feature of the 3 pass blackout lining is room darkening, but it also provides for greater energy saving.

Flame Retardant Linings

FR linings are primarily used in the contract sector, but can be utilised in domestic situations when and if necessary. They all conform to British Standard (BS5867 Part 2) and are either fully durable (washable) or non-durable (dry clean only).

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