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Concealed Blinds

Fastly becoming the go to product for new builds and extensions. These Custom made to measure blinds, add a beautiful unique minimalistc look to your home. Our sales and fitting experts work closely with Blindspace® and our customers to ensure all our concealed blinds are uniquely tailored to your own design making our products the perfect fit.

We have teamed up with Blindspace® to bring you these stylish new products that are becoming increasingly high in demand with all new home and commercial builds. These motorised blinds are hidden to give all types of windows and doors a minimalistic and clean look and finish. The versitile design means they can also be easily added to skylights and gable ends giving you full control of light, glare and heat all at a click of a button.

If you ever thought ‘I need blinds but don’t want to see them at all’ then this is the answer for you.

How it works:

We install specialist Blindspace boxes in to your reveals and recesses so the bottom of the box is level with your ceiling. We then install the blinds inside these boxes and fit a cover strip at the bottom of the box where the blind comes out leaving a small gap to allow the blind to pass through. When you stand back and look at your window nothing can be seen. If you opt for chain operated blinds you will see the chain but with the motorised option nothing is seen.


We strongly recommend that you discuss with us at the earliest point of planning your new build. The information will be given to your planner, builder and architect to work to the specifictaions to make concealed blinds work in the best and easiest way possible. If you are reading this and think you’re too late to have concealed blinds then fear not as we have managed to get them installed at a stage which some might think is too late. It’s always worth giving us a call or emailing images to us and we can have a look and advise.

Steps from start to finish:

1 – Contact us to discuss with you and your architect & builder.

2 – Ourselves or the builder will install wood to secure the Blindspace Boxes.

3 – Install Blindspace Boxes.

4 – Rest of the building work carries on as normal until you are ready for the blinds to be installed.

5 – Fit the blinds, connect to fuse spurs and set to Smart Home Technology.

6 – Sit back and enjoy.