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Bi Fold Door Blinds

Specialist INTU Micro blinds for Bi Fold Doors.

With the ever growing market of Bi Fold doors, blinds had started to become a little bit of an issue. But now, thanks to our suppliers we have options for you to have the best of both worlds with fully working doors that work with blinds.

Our runaway bestseller for Bi Fold doors is the INTU Micro Pleated blind. They have been designed especially for this option of door. With it's slimline profile the full system depth sits no further that the depth of the door beading allowing your doors to open fully on to each other when the blinds are in any position.

INTU Micro Pleated can be used on any type of opening door and can work with any opening handle system. This is your only option when your Bi Fold doors open inwards.

When your Bi Fold doors open outwards we do have other options. Basically any blind can be fitted on to the recess and can raise up or drawn to the sides. One of our other newest products has been a popular option and that's Allusion Blinds. This works as a Voile which can be 'walked through' when fully across but with your door open you can go through it. It's a Voile by day but when you twist to close them at night they are fully private. (See our Allusion Blinds page for more details)

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