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Cushions & Accessories

Tiebacks, Trimmings and Holdbacks are perfect to enhance soft furnishings. Whether you're looking for the latest trend styles and colours or a classic design that has stood the test of time you can be sure to find it within our collections.

Tiebacks & Trimmings

To help you bring the range to life for you and your customers, our trimmings ranges have pattern cards and tiebacks have colour cards to show the types and colours available. Some ranges include a sample tieback (see catalogue for specific range details).

Ranges of tiebacks and/or trimmings include Colour Passion Trends, Verona, Opus, Jazz, Naturals, Chelsea, Warwick, Bejewelled, Bedazzled, Accord, Abacus, Reflections, Sonata, Cache, Ritz, Pinot, Pagoda, Diamante, Jive, Colmar, Polo, Rio, Twister, Rotini, Gypsy.

Other hand selected ranges include Swarovski crystal buttons to add a touch of sparkle and Swish tiebacks ranges including; Marrakesh, Moulin, Excelsior Virage, Finesse, Tangiers, Cheviot, Java and Keira.


With a stunning range of holdbacks to coordinate with our ranges of poles and a variety of generic holdbacks add the perfect finishing touch.

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