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Motorised Blinds

Virtually any type of blind can be made motorised and once the motor is fitted the range of control options are extensive.

Motorisation is ideal for high level or large blinds, those you adjust frequently or where you want the added convenience and security that electric operation can bring.

The type of motor will be determined by the blind type and overall size but typically 24V DC motors are used on most internal blinds and long-life battery operated motors are also available which are ideal where the blind is positioned a long way from an electrical power point.

Once the motor is installed it is possible to operate a single blind, groups of blinds or all blinds depending on the controls chosen and the set-up.

The most common control is a radio controlled handset or (wireless) switch which sends the signal to the motor although wired switches, key switches and automatic operation via timers, thermostats and light meters are also available.

It is also possible to link blinds to lighting, home cinema, security and other home automation systems.

Motorisation involves specialist manufacturing and installation, and as we are members of the BBSA you can be confident in our expertise.

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