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Blinds for Gable ends

One of the biggest questions we get asked these days is ‘what blinds can be done for our gable end?’.

We find that so many are opting for these types of windows with triangular glass and after completion think how are we going to get blinds to fit there!

These windows are not the simplest to dress and there are limited options but thanks to our own products and the brilliant suppliers we have we have solutions to sort this issue for you.

Our most popular option is our our motorised pleated blinds. This option can be made to the shape of your window and fully open so you have a full view through your window. These fabrics are also available as blackout so are brilliant for a bedroom or a room with a tv screen to also control glare. The motor we use also has a solar panel which charges the battery taking away the need to charge the battery by electric when required. Hardwired is also available.

Other options include Wood Shutters, Vertical blinds, Curtains and Venetian blinds. All these options are all made to measure to your exact window sizes. This really is a bespoke job that requires the best products along with the experience to get the best results.

We have manufactured and supplied blinds for shaped windows for over 40 years and can confidently say that the options available today are by far the best we have ever had to offer.

We have many photos on our web page and on our Facebook page as well as videos of our motorised shaped pleated blinds.https://www.facebook.com/LloydsBlinds1979

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